Sean Morris

After planting a new church in Austria that grew exponentially to include numerous church plants and new ministries, anyone looking at Sean Morris would have seen a picture of “success” in church and ministry. Even C. Peter Wagner, a well-known Christian academic and author, had referred to Sean and his wife Trudie, and the church they were building, in one of his books. To Sean, it was as if they had arrived: they had discovered the recipe of explosive church growth and success!

Despite celebrating his ministry growth, Sean was being challenged deeply within, questioning what he believed were the measures of success – attendance, baptisms, finance, programs. Then God confronted him. One night, the Holy Spirit told Sean to drive through the city on his way home from a church meeting instead of trekking his usual route. The scales fell from his eyes. He saw deprivation, drug deals, crime, prostitution, and more. After sourcing the data on the state of the city, it was incredibly revealing. It had been in decline for the past decade. And in the same 3-5 years of the church’s explosive growth, the city had experienced its most significant decline!

The Lord asked him these questions:

Is this city better off because of your presence as a church or not?

Have you as a church by your presence and growth improved things in the city?

Would the city even notice if you weren’t here any longer?

Those questions were life-changing for Sean. He and Trudie had poured everything into building this thing called “church” that now consumed 95% of all of its resources and was obsessed with itself, its own growth, its own well-being, its own image and spirituality. Sean realized that the “move of God” many were describing as a revival was tainted with the pursuit of his own dream.

Sean says, “Don’t misunderstand me: we were deeply motivated to see souls saved. But our view of church and the world was askew. Deeply flawed! I felt like I had climbed the so-called ladder of success only to find it leaning against the wrong building!”

God answered Sean’s cries by opening his eyes to see the Scriptures in a new light. God’s Dream, Sean realized, began with Restoring Dynastic Families who were qualified to obey God’s first command in Genesis 1:28. Those Restored Families would Reframe Church, producing the true, vital, and engaged ekklesia of the New Testament. The partnership of Dynastic Families, expressed in the Reframed Church, creates a Transformed Community to the Glory of God. God’s Dream is what our prayers should be, that ‘His Kingdom Come’!

More than 30 years of ministry later, Sean is still on fire with passion for other Christian leaders to see and pursue God’s Dream.

The principles of Dynastic Family, which Sean calls the ‘original productive team,’ have led to a number of 10X10 businesses (generating 10 fold growth over 10 years), winning them national industry awards.

Sean’s call to pursue the true ekklesia, culminating in his message of Reframed Church, has inspired audiences in over 45 nations, with numerous churches, as well as Bible colleges and charities springing up as a result. Sean’s testimony is: “Wherever people of faith earnestly pursue God’s Dream, blessings are poured out, not just on the ‘church’ but on entire communities and cities. Kingdom evident on earth.”

If you want to see Restored Families, Reframed Churches and Transformed Communities, contact us today! Sean is eager and available to inspire your ministry staff, business professionals, or church members with a clear vision of God’s Dream for your community.