Sean’s Story

Sean Morris is a pastor, international speaker, and kingdom entrepreneur. He is privileged to minister in multiple nations, planting churches, Bible colleges, and charities. Throughout his business career, Sean has received national industry awards and has seen explosive 10 fold growth! His more than 30 years as a pastor, church planter, and missionary along with his ongoing work in business and leadership has developed in him a wealth of wisdom and experience that any leader would benefit from.

In particular, Sean has developed a deep understanding of God’s plan and strategy of Restoring Dynastic Families, Reframing Church, and Transforming Communities, all to the Glory of God alone. Soli Deo Gloria.

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What is the Mandate?

In the practicality of life, is it simply about belonging to a church or a home group, helping those in need and telling others the good news? Or does He want the outer workings of your life and faith to be much greater than that – greater than you thought possible in your journey with Him?

We want to take you on that journey and support you all the way. To take you to that place of deep understanding of what God wants from you personally, in your life journey, and for your family.

Have a listen to this podcast, and you’ll grasp what we are talking about. If it resonates with you, we’d love to connect and provide the support and resources you need in your kingdom journey with Him.


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