Trudie Morris

About Trudie

Trudie, along with her husband Sean, has always had a passion to advance the kingdom of God in all spheres of society. Though they currently reside in the United States, for the past 30 years, Sean and Trudie have been involved in planting churches in different nations of the world including South Africa, Austria, and Australia.

Trudie’s Story

Sean and Trudie have a powerful testimony of Jesus fulfilling a promise to them regarding children when it was medically impossible for them to have any. They have 3 miracle children, Sabrina and Amber are adopted and biological sisters. Jayden is their third child, which is a fulfillment of a prophecy they received during their engagement that they would have a lively son from their own loins. Seventeen years later, this was fulfilled, and at the ripe age of 41, Trudie gave birth to this promise.

Trudie started an annual women’s conference in Innsbruck, Austria equipping and empowering women to be influencers in all aspects of life for the Kingdom. Trudie’s passion is to see an army of believers equipped, trained, and empowered to become glory carriers for His purpose. Originally from South Africa, fluent in three languages,  and with a background in hair and beauty, Trudie has been perfectly positioned to minister to the young women she meets. Trudie is able to not only provide them with a physical makeover, but a spiritual makeover as well. One of her favorite life scriptures, from Isaiah 60:1, says “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” – NKJV

In the early years of their ministry, Sean and Trudie were exposed to the importance of the church as a Kingdom entity to be involved in all areas of life, including the political arena. They had the privilege of being directly involved as a church movement in South Africa where the movement  played a role in the change of government, during the time when Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa. Trudie has been active in numerous social justice initiatives. She was the state’s Chairperson for a political party (Family First), during which time she ran for the federal senate with the motivation to shape national legislation for Kingdom purpose.

Due to Sean and Trudie’s involvement in ministry, politics, and a number of businesses, they are uniquely positioned to empower and support families building dynastic households, serve leaders to carry the Kingdom into every sphere of their influence, and strategically serve and support “the church” [ekklesia] to transform their communities. 

Today, Trudie’s experience and passion have transformed into a love for growing and mentoring young and emerging leaders, seeing them become all that God has created and called them to be.